Your development

Your development is a big deal to us. That’s why, across all our programmes, we’ll provide you with bespoke training, helping you to harness your potential and develop essential business and area-specific skills. Our technical workshops will give you the practical knowledge you need to tackle real life problems. And our passion for giving you the tools to push your learning even further – including soft skills and networking opportunities – will help boost your confidence and give you an edge over your competition.

You won’t be alone on this journey either. With a whole network of supportive colleagues and mentors, you’ll have someone to learn from every step of the way.

You’ll even feel the global reach of our company, with some of our programmes offering international rotations across Europe. Unless you are on an internship, once your specific programme is completed, you will go straight into a full-time role and receive in-house training that’s delivered right up to International Partner level.

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Professional Development

We have designed our programmes to give you the chance to achieve personal success as early as possible. Right from the first day of your induction, you’ll follow a fully structured RICS APC training programme. And the training will continue up until your APC Success Event with the UK Board.

Comprehensive training

Alongside your department's training, you‘ll find plenty of internal course and seminars to keep you up to speed with your core competencies. These will add to the skills you gained on induction, and will help develop your understanding of the levels required. In addition, we offer support for further education, including MSc sponsorship.

Special programmes

The opportunities to learn, develop and socialise through our training programmes are second to none. For example, we take a select number of high performers to Chamonix for three days’ inspirational, personal and leadership development every year. This is an opportunity to rub shoulders and share experiences with rising stars from across our global business.

Career pathways

The clarity of our pathways to partnership is one of our defining differences. Join us and you’ll find that your progress will have both pace and real direction. You’ll follow a pathway taken by many graduates before you - from Graduate to Trainee Surveyor to Senior Surveyor to Associate to Partner and, ultimately, to Equity Partner. And you’ll be rewarded every step of the way.
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Development Support

We’ll want you to feel part of the firm straightaway. And we’ll do everything we can to make sure you do.

A buddy of your own

You will be allocated a buddy on your first day. They’ll be a graduate from the year above, so they’ll know what you’re going through – and how best to support you. And they’ll be more than happy to help. Many of our senior people started here as graduates, so they’re all keen to help others take paths similar to their own.

Senior support

You’ll get ongoing guidance and support from a firm-wide team. For example, our Director of Learning & Development will ensure you get the best possible opportunities for developing your core skills. And our HR and Graduate Programme Officer will plan and organise your rotation programme - keeping a close eye on your performance reviews, and supporting you throughout.

Support with qualifications

We will do everything we can to help you pass the APC first time. Our Graduate Programme Manager and APC Consultant will plan and organise your rotation programme, and will stay focused on your learning and development needs. Your APC Counsellor will support you too – ensuring you’re getting the right experience as you progress. And we also have an APC Executive Committee, who focus on improving the quality of training and experience all our graduates receive. Together, they’ll make sure you develop in the right direction.

Career pathways

The end of your time on the graduate programme will not mean the end of our support. We will give you a clear pathway towards partnership, with objectives and milestones laid out to ensure that your career continues to advance. As you can see, we will do much to help you progress. But ultimately, the biggest factor to your success here is the effort you put in yourself.
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Programme Structure

Your journey will start the moment you accept our offer. We’ll keep in touch right up to your start date, and we’ll hold social events throughout the summer to let you get to know some of your future team.

Your first week

This week will introduce you to our business, our work and your fellow graduates. There’ll be seminars on property awareness, financial awareness and team working, and the experience you gain will count towards your APC submission. The week ends with a community-focused team-building day, where you’ll get to work with your new colleagues to give something back to the local area.

Placement and rotation

Successful futures are built on strong foundations, so we’ll make sure your rotations suit your long-term ambitions. You will undertake three rotations. Our programme provides you with the breadth of skills and experience you’ll need to pass your APC assessment first time.

Broader horizons

You will have the opportunity to rotate into regional teams such as Manchester and Birmingham, where you’ll experience the wider property market. There could also be the opportunity to work abroad: recent graduates have taken roles in Budapest, Prague, Paris and Warsaw, to name just a few.
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Regional and International mobility

Real estate is a big world, so we fully understand that your ambitions may stretch further than London and the UK.
Fortunately, so does our business.

Graduate mobility

Working in a range of environments is a great way to develop your knowledge, confidence and leadership skills. This is why regional, client and international rotations are all key parts of our programme. One thing’s for sure – you won’t stand still with us.

After qualification

Once you’ve qualified, positions across our international network will open up. All you’ll have to do is apply. We’ve seen graduates go everywhere from Lisbon and Warsaw and Frankfurt. And as we continue to expand into new global markets, your opportunities for overseas work will increase too.
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